Secret Tree Fort

Candlewick Press, 2016

Even a bookish big sister is drawn in by the promise of her imaginative sibling’s spectacular hideaway.

I have a secret tree fort, and YOU’RE NOT INVITED!
When two sisters are ushered outside to play, one sits under a tree with a book while the other regales her with descriptions of a cool fort in a tree that grows ever more fantastical in the telling. What will it take to get the older sister to look up? The promise of a water-balloon launcher in case of attack? A trapdoor to stargaze through? A crow’s nest from which to see how many whales pass by or to watch for pirates? Or the best part of all, which can’t be revealed, because it’s
a secret?

"Like a beloved box rattling with tiny, precious, ferreted things, this delightful picture book holds small, wonderfully specific insights into childhood imaginings, feelings, and frustrations." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Creating a world of one’s own as a child is the beginning of our stories, Farley shows — and is sometimes made more vivid when shared with a sibling or friend." — New York Times

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Secret Tree Fort sketch Brianne Farley
Secret Tree Fort thumbnails Brianne Farley